Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rest In Peace, Davy...

This is what I imagine Davy Jones (from The Monkees) is doing up in heaven right now. 
Rest in peace. Glad to have seen you while you were still here... 

My childhood sincerely thanks you.

Introduction A La Realness

Okay. First off, I previously promised myself I wouldn't do a cheesy introduction post.  You know, the ones that go: "my favorite color is blue", "I like macaroni and cheese", "I have a cat named Louis", blah blah blah blah.

I figured, hey, they'll learn that about me the more I blog about stuff! But I figured there were a few key points I wanted to mention to you all.

First off: This is me.
Oh, yeah. My hair's messy and I'm wearing pajamas (which consists of mostly old tee shirts in case anyone cares). I just got home a little while ago and after I'm done eating an entire bowl of spaghetti I'm going to take a nap before my night class, thus the sleepwear. That brings me to.....

Secondly: (Great segway, right?!) School
I go to St. Petersburg College, but I'm not old enough to be a college student. (Just turned 18, whoop whoop!) I'm enrolled in Early Admissions, and I won't bore you with the details, but basically I get to leave the land of worksheets, hallway fights, and greasy chicken wings (AKA high school) to get free college credit! Aww yeah!

Even though I'm extremely indecisive and scared about the future, I think I have some semblance of a plan. I want to be a music supervisor. That's right. Music and movies, combined in this wonderful love child of beauty. But there's also a lot of paperwork. Which I'm okay with. Am I the only person who really loves doing menial tasks alone? Oh. I am? Okay.

Fourth: I am not single and ready to mingle.
Not to be one of those annoying girls who scream "TAKEN AND HAPPY" in the description of every social media site they touch the second they get a boyfriend... but... here's my boyfriend.
His name's Alejandro and he likes Atmosphere and and adventuring and he's attractive and... point is, you'll be seeing him around here a little bit and it would be helpful to know who he is.

Fifth: Time to WRAP IT UP
Anyways, me in general: I'm not a natural blonde, I work at a grocery store, I dress up a lot, I have seven cats who I'm sure I'll discuss later CAUSE THEYRE CUTE, I volunteer at a library, I'm not very outgoing, I like books and movies and music and... this is my blog. 

I'm currently in the process of tweaking some of the design aspects on here to better suit my tastes, so bear with me, please! And now...


Friday, February 17, 2012

Blog Prologue

      Hopefully this is the blog attempt to end all blog attempts. I've tried numerous times to start up a blog, and every time before this one I stopped posting or deleted the blog altogether. But now is the time, I SWEAR.
      You might ask, why the hell is she starting up a blog if she failed so many times before? Well, ye of little faith, I think I have the secret.
      I'm going to be myself.

      I know that concept was installed, like a professional version of Photoshop, into some bloggers' minds at birth, but I was not so lucky. For some reason, I thought internet fame would skyrocket my confidence and make me accept myself. I now know you can't have a truly good blog with that mindset.
      I also followed a lot of famous bloggers, to get tips on how to become an internet celebrity like them. I might have hated their personalities, tastes, and writing style... but they were FAMOUS, goddamn it! They were doing something right!
      Maybe fame occurs by osmosis, I thought, and maybe that means if I comment enough on "fashion-this" or "style-that", I can also become famous! I might have told myself this in the beginning, but it became apparent that I was really just a measly comment in a sea of comments on their sulky photos, saying "omg cute shoes" and "you're so pretty and awesome ahhh!"

      I stayed in this excitement of a brand new blog, until I unfailingly became cynical, wondering if I could live that way for years, a disciple of pale, skinny girls in Jeffery Campbells. I wondered why I felt so embarrassed, taking pictures of myself with my self-timer, posing like the internet glamazons in my thrift-store/mall clothing, obviously getting no attention. I wondered why.
      It was because I was a clone. I thought myself original and earth-shattering, when in reality everything I posted went through my "cool-filter", where I subconsciously sorted it by asking myself, "Will posting this make me look cool?", "Will people like this?", "Will this contribute well to my image?"
      I completely missed the point of owning a blog, I didn't have the thrill of expressing myself because I WASN'T expressing myself. I was expressing these other girls, who were in turn expressing other girls, who were expressing the fantasies in a fashion designer's head.
      I wasn't getting the point of blogging, and it was depressing to feel so confused about something that I should already know. Blog about things I actually like? How do I do that? No one will read it!
      Often I waited until I lost every semblance of originality I had and felt like a blogging zombie until I finally quit, to little fanfare.

      But this blog is different. I will only follow people I truly admire, not because they're models, but because I truly enjoy reading/looking at the content of their blogs.
      I will be honest with myself. I'll share things with you that I like, no matter if it's "cool" or not. For every image-whore, there's gotta be a beautiful nerd out there who will appreciate my music/film/fashion rantings. And if you do, let me know so I can appreciate your rantings, too!
      I'm still going to share "what-I'm-wearing-today" kind of posts, but I'm going to post them because I feel good about my outfit that day, not because other people will think I look good. Fashion and dressing up is still something I love, but it's not all I will post about anymore. I think having a blog based purely on fashion makes it too tempting for me to go back to old ways. Besides, it's not all I love.
       There will be a lot of posts about music and movies, two things that I'm completely in love with. It's also where I'm thinking of focusing my career (you'll probably hear about this later, no doubt).

      Through this blog, I hope you'll get to know me and I'll get to know you. Please show me that I'm not disillusioned, that blogging can still be a positive experience.
      Even though I'm well aware I won't have a lot of followers to begin with, I'm excited to hear from you.