Monday, March 26, 2012

Going Places, Melting Faces

Sweater: thrifted, shorts: DIY, LA shirt: Pacsun, tights: Target (I think?), creepers: DIY

Hi. What's up? Oh, not much? Yeah, me neither.

Lemme just tell you about what's been going on lately. I'm back in school (Happy Monday by the way!) and going to go volunteer at the library after I post this. My sister, who's still in high school, is on Spring Break right now... lucky her. My mom, in an act of what I'm gonna call favoritism, decided to also call off this entire week.

So while my entire household is out frolicking on the roller coasters at Busch Gardens, I'll be making Powerpoints and writing a research paper. To display this current teenaged angst (UGH I HATE SCHOOL UGH MY FAMILY SUCKS UGH UGH UGH) I decided to dress with a grungy, rockeresque vibe. 'Cause I'm totally punk every day of my life, I just don't show it. Yeah.

These creepers I'm wearing are my babies. Even though they kind of hurt my feet I hand-painted them myself so we have a kind of spiritual connection. I always wanted a leopard-print pair, since leopard is and always will be a neutral in my closet. I also didn't want to pay over 20 dollars.

This is where I hit a rough spot.

...Considering every pair of creepers I could find on the internet were over 50 bucks, a price I literally refuse to pay for shoes. Ever. Sorry.

And yet, on one of my determined internet-bargain-hunting missions, I found a pair on a sketchy website that were roughly my size and 15 dollars. I immediately started reciting Romeo's speech to Juliet in the balcony scene.
"But soft! What light through yonder website breaks? It is the east, and these cheap creepers are the sun!"

Needless to say, I bought them. However, they had this ugly black-and-white gingham print on them, which I decided I would paint over. So I mixed some paint with fabric medium, just in case, and I painted my own little leopard spots all over these bad boys. 

And now they're mine! Leopard print creepers for under 20 bucks! Ta-dah!

Also, do you like this pose? I call it "giraffe with a case of whiplash". It's pretty cute, right? I swear, I took these in less than ten minutes and a good half of them turned out completely awkward and horrible. The kind of pictures where you look at your camera screen and think to yourself, "Am I really this weird-looking and disproportionate?"

No, not usually. But in pictures... almost always.

And on that note, I'm gonna let you go. Have a lovely week and I'll try to meet up with you again sometime soon if I'm wearing anything remotely interesting. Ha!

Eat your heart out, Mr. Cobain.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Classmates Must Think I'm Weird

Denim jacket: flea market. 
Crop tube top: Forever 21.
Leopard Tights: Urban Outfitters.
Leather skirt: Forever 21.
Tote bag: garage sale.
Smiley face necklace: Forever 21.

So this is what I wore today. I feel like I need more of these posts.
School day, school day. Monday, stress stress stress.
All that jazz.

I went to the movies (which happened to be located at a mall)
...and I was bad. AGAIN. And I bought this top and that smiley face necklace.
Here's a close-up:

Probably ironic considering I'm all stressed and grumpy today! 
Maybe it confused people.

This is my cat, Elmo, who wanted to join in on the picture-taking fun.
(By the way, I couldn't get a decent full-outfit shot because I've misplaced my tripod!)
Elmo was named that because his meow is really squeaky and high-pitched. 
He's cute :)

This is my schoolbag, which I bought at a garage sale a few weeks ago for 15 bucks.
It was expensive for a garage sale but I loved it too much.
It's an Andy Warhol bag with his print of Jackie Kennedy.
She's one of my numerous spirit animals. 

ALSO. I was wearing leopard-print tights.
You can't REALLY see them in the semi-outfit picture... but oh well.
Now you can see them.

THIS JACKET is literally my favorite article of clothing right now.
It's kind of ridiculous how much I wear it.
I bought it at a flea market for two bucks,
 and it's a girl gang jacket. 
Which makes this the best find ever. 
There's also a name on the inside tag:
Kristen Rogers.
SO GREAT, right?

I studded the front pockets myself and I... I just love this jacket.
It's basically my baby.
I gave birth to it.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two Recent Purchases I Shouldn't Have Made but DON'T REGRET AT ALL

I am broke.

Like asking-my-mom-for-money-to-buy-toothpaste broke.

And yet...

These two (three?) beauties will be shimmying their way into my life very soon.

The sunglasses were from an etsy shop because I was a very bad girl and went sunglasses-shopping on a whim. Like I need any more sunglasses. WHO AM I KIDDING OF COURSE I DO. They were only 7.99 with free shipping and I am an absolute sucker for free shipping. 
And onto my debit card they went.

The saddle shoes were from Payless, and with my promo code and opting to have them shipped to my nearest store, they were FIFTEEN DOLLARS. For a pair of saddle shoes. Anyone else hear heavenly angels singing? No? Just me?

SO excited to get them so I can take pictures of them for you :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


A very creepy mix from an erotomaniacal murderer to his beautiful victim.

Monday, March 12, 2012

What I Did Over Spring Break: The Musical

So, as a couple of you college students out there know, it's about time for Spring Break. Some of you have it in a couple weeks, and some of you have already had it. Unfortunately for me, today was my first day back to school :'(

I only had two classes, so it wasn't all that bad... but still, all I kept thinking about was how desperately I wanted to be at home watching reruns of Looney Toons and eating cereal in bed. SPRING BREAK HOW I MISS THEE.

But now that I'm home from school and willing to procrastinate a little further on this huge paper I have due wednesday (take THAT, ethics!) I'm going to give you a brief look at what happened to me during Spring Break... mostly the end part, because the beginning was spent recovering from the hectic madhouse that is my life.

SO. Here's one fun thing I did: I went to the Florida Strawberry Festival. 

It was my first time going since I was maybe six or seven, and I hadn't even been to a real fair or carnival in a loooong time. So it was kind of intimidating, walking through all the crazy rides and the smell of fried possum and bicycle tires... plus it was freaking boiling outside, so that didn't help much.

But I did figure out that the cheesiness, dirtiness, and unhealthiness of state-fair-type-events are actually kind of beautiful. I ended up taking a lot of pictures around the fair for visual inspiration.

And speaking of visual inspiration, that is how I picked the ONE RIDE my little sister and I were allowed to go on. As we were walking around, I spotted this ride and I knew we were soulmates:

I mean, can we just take a minute to look at that beauty and understand how great it is? My sister was a little wary about spending her one ride based on its appearance alone, but I basically dragged her into the line. 


On the inside of the ride was an "artist's rendering" of Elvis, which is something that I automatically relate to I-Drive, the famous tourist street in Orlando. I don't know why shoddy gift shops have this fascination with painting Elvis on their storefronts. I've also noticed that the paintings are absolutely beautiful and realistic...
Until they get to the face.

Now I don't know what Elvis actually looked like, because obviously I've never seen him in person.... but I'm pretty sure that's definitely not it.

The reason we went to this fair in the first place, however, was that we had tickets to see The Coasters, one of my sisters' favorite Motown groups. We had okay seats, but my camera's zoom function most definitely came in handy. Good ol' Powershot strikes again.

The fashion inspiration I gained from this concert was how freaking DAPPER they were, in their matching suits with bowties and pocket squares. If I was a man, I swear I'd dress like that every day, I don't care how sweaty I'd be in the summer.


The crowd was mostly composed of the elderly, a good amount of whom were, as my dad said, "severely medicated" throughout the entire concert. When they showed a group of people on the Jumbo-trons, about half of them would be sitting there, staring ahead, possibly drooling.

They must have been in for a shock when halfway through the show it started to pour.

As you can see, there wasn't a lot of shelter from the storm (Dylan reference anyone? Heyyyy!) so about 2/3 of the audience crowded underneath these bleachers and watched the show through a tunnel, and that's where I took these pictures from, safely nestled between an old woman and a man selling what he called "jumbo corndogs".

I love the two people standing together under that black umbrella. See it? So cute.

Here's an EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE picture of my sister and I being all rock-and-roll after getting drenched trying to "wait out the storm" in our seats. I was wearing a thin white shirt. Once I realized that, I knew I had to find cover, lest a bunch of old men get a lovely wet-tee-shirt scenario. No thanks.

And finally, I bought my new favorite pair of glasses from a fifties-themed store in Orlando the next day. A pair of red cat-eyes with rhinestones on the corner, an absolute bargain at nine bucks. They're a thing of beauty.

By the way, this is a picture of Alejandro and I being all dorky at a concert Saturday night (we went to see Jukebox the Ghost, in case you were wondering). 

Seriously though, I feel so good about purchasing those glasses. Even though I get strange looks every time I wear them, I really like the way they work with my (admittedly monochrome) wardrobe, and they just look freaking COOL.

Have you found your accessory soulmate?
Feels pretty awesome.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's a D-I-Y kind of D-A-Y

I was planning on breakin' my "pajamas-and-no-makeup-because-it's-spring-break-and-i-do-what-i-want" phase by showing you all the DIY's I've done thus far.
                                                Yeahhhhhhhhhh, that didn't happen. 

Too many papers to write and presents to wrap and trips to plan and... I'm not going to make all those excuses though because I don't want to be that guy. Oh, hell, I AM that guy. Always. Procrastinating and makin' excuses for said procrastinating, that's life with Sarah.


Here's me. Two out of three things I'm wearing in this picture are made by me (Okay okay the shorts were originally from the thrift shop but I RIPPED EM GODDAMMIT). I actually cut and painted that racerback tank top with the & symbol when I was feeling all inspired today. Made it out of an old white tee shirt, yeahhh!

Here's another picture of me being all faux-upset and thoughtful. LOL I tried to take a couple with smiles but I think I had spinach in my teeth or something. Whoops, something I should probably look at before I decide to post pictures of myself on the internet.

These were the shoes I was wearing. Not DIY'd. I was gonna show my painted leopard-print creepers but I'll save those for another day with less exciting clothingz to show you all. (Either way, I'm so in love with these velvet platforms. Bought 'em for 20 bucks on sale at Urban Outfitters. You'll soon learn I RARELY EVER spend more than 20 dollars on anything)

I was actually wearing my DIY "tattoo tights" today, getting many a stare from mother and father alike.

What my parents said when they first saw the back of my left leg:
"... That's not real. That's not real."
"Oh god, please tell me that's not real."

Ughhhhhh my parents don't understaaaand meeeee. :'( :'( :'(

The tattoo is a concrete poem from Dylan Thomas, my grandfather's favorite poet. 
You probably can't read it, unfortunately :( If you want to know what it says, let me know in the comments and I'll put up the poem. But I'mma keep this short and sweet.

The best part of these tights is that I can trick people into thinking I'm a really cool person and artsy and badass.

When in reality I'm definitely kinda sort of a loser.

Also one thing I have to mention about these pictures is that they are definitely not the prettiest ones you'll ever see. I wanted this blog to be "super real honest totally 100% ME", so you get to see my room in all its "hit-by-a-tornado" glory. 

Yeah, I have a messy room. It's almost always like this. I can clean it every once and a while, vacuum the cat hair from the floors, but in about two days my room is covered in clothes and books and papers and zillions of plastic drink cups with flamingoes on them. (Yay, Florida!)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Red Lipstick and Crazy Hair, Pale-faced and Don't Care

Red lipstick and crazy hair, pale-faced and don't care. from chinalily on 8tracks.

Having a bad day? Angry? Upset? So are all of these beautiful 80s shoegazin' boys and girls. Hear the heartbreak in all those minor chords, and try your best to relate to the world.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Rip It Up and Start Again

      Alejandro and I watched The Virgin Suicides (rented it from the last Blockbuster in our neighborhood, so sad...) and took these Coppola-inspired pictures. We took them at a park near my house and a couple on my street, because of the suburban feel. I really liked using the flash, because I feel like even though the pictures don't look professional, you can still get relatively clear photos at night! Totally underrated and stuff, am I right?


These above pictures were shot while a bunch of basketball players were playing a few feet away.
They were looking at us like we were idiots.
"Guise, can we use your court for a second? I need to take pictures for my blog..."

 What I'm wearing: Mother's old shift dress, Thrifted belt, American Apparel knee socks (The only ones that are long enough!),  DIY saddle shoe-style Keds

What Alejandro's wearing: Thrifted Pierre Cardin shirt, Target jeans, Skechers shoes (I think...?), My thrifted blazer, my DIY leather bowtie, Kenneth Cole aviators, thrifted belt.

So anyways, we had a fun time taking these, and I had a good excuse to dig through my mom's closet!
(Found a couple gems, perhaps I'll show you later)

Off to write a letter to my Congressman!