Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two Recent Purchases I Shouldn't Have Made but DON'T REGRET AT ALL

I am broke.

Like asking-my-mom-for-money-to-buy-toothpaste broke.

And yet...

These two (three?) beauties will be shimmying their way into my life very soon.

The sunglasses were from an etsy shop because I was a very bad girl and went sunglasses-shopping on a whim. Like I need any more sunglasses. WHO AM I KIDDING OF COURSE I DO. They were only 7.99 with free shipping and I am an absolute sucker for free shipping. 
And onto my debit card they went.

The saddle shoes were from Payless, and with my promo code and opting to have them shipped to my nearest store, they were FIFTEEN DOLLARS. For a pair of saddle shoes. Anyone else hear heavenly angels singing? No? Just me?

SO excited to get them so I can take pictures of them for you :)

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  1. Oh,I love your saddle shoes!I've been wanting a pair since forever!