Monday, March 19, 2012

Classmates Must Think I'm Weird

Denim jacket: flea market. 
Crop tube top: Forever 21.
Leopard Tights: Urban Outfitters.
Leather skirt: Forever 21.
Tote bag: garage sale.
Smiley face necklace: Forever 21.

So this is what I wore today. I feel like I need more of these posts.
School day, school day. Monday, stress stress stress.
All that jazz.

I went to the movies (which happened to be located at a mall)
...and I was bad. AGAIN. And I bought this top and that smiley face necklace.
Here's a close-up:

Probably ironic considering I'm all stressed and grumpy today! 
Maybe it confused people.

This is my cat, Elmo, who wanted to join in on the picture-taking fun.
(By the way, I couldn't get a decent full-outfit shot because I've misplaced my tripod!)
Elmo was named that because his meow is really squeaky and high-pitched. 
He's cute :)

This is my schoolbag, which I bought at a garage sale a few weeks ago for 15 bucks.
It was expensive for a garage sale but I loved it too much.
It's an Andy Warhol bag with his print of Jackie Kennedy.
She's one of my numerous spirit animals. 

ALSO. I was wearing leopard-print tights.
You can't REALLY see them in the semi-outfit picture... but oh well.
Now you can see them.

THIS JACKET is literally my favorite article of clothing right now.
It's kind of ridiculous how much I wear it.
I bought it at a flea market for two bucks,
 and it's a girl gang jacket. 
Which makes this the best find ever. 
There's also a name on the inside tag:
Kristen Rogers.
SO GREAT, right?

I studded the front pockets myself and I... I just love this jacket.
It's basically my baby.
I gave birth to it.



  1. I love your jacket so much! I saw the front and was like, "that's naice." but then I saw the back and I was like, "yes, sir, that's NAAIICE!"
    so your jacket's very nice.

  2. oh man, that necklace is giving me flashbacks! Like, Seventeen magazine, 1996 flashbacks...and yet, I can't help but love it.

  3. Love that tote bag! I saw that in stores a bunch of times and kept putting off buying it and then it was gone. Now i want one so bad!

  4. ur denim jacket is awesome, sarah :) like it

  5. i love 90s smiley face jewelry! One of my favorite pairs of earrings are orange smileys but for some reason every time i put them on i end up taking them off. i just haven't worn the right thing for them, i guess.