Monday, March 26, 2012

Going Places, Melting Faces

Sweater: thrifted, shorts: DIY, LA shirt: Pacsun, tights: Target (I think?), creepers: DIY

Hi. What's up? Oh, not much? Yeah, me neither.

Lemme just tell you about what's been going on lately. I'm back in school (Happy Monday by the way!) and going to go volunteer at the library after I post this. My sister, who's still in high school, is on Spring Break right now... lucky her. My mom, in an act of what I'm gonna call favoritism, decided to also call off this entire week.

So while my entire household is out frolicking on the roller coasters at Busch Gardens, I'll be making Powerpoints and writing a research paper. To display this current teenaged angst (UGH I HATE SCHOOL UGH MY FAMILY SUCKS UGH UGH UGH) I decided to dress with a grungy, rockeresque vibe. 'Cause I'm totally punk every day of my life, I just don't show it. Yeah.

These creepers I'm wearing are my babies. Even though they kind of hurt my feet I hand-painted them myself so we have a kind of spiritual connection. I always wanted a leopard-print pair, since leopard is and always will be a neutral in my closet. I also didn't want to pay over 20 dollars.

This is where I hit a rough spot.

...Considering every pair of creepers I could find on the internet were over 50 bucks, a price I literally refuse to pay for shoes. Ever. Sorry.

And yet, on one of my determined internet-bargain-hunting missions, I found a pair on a sketchy website that were roughly my size and 15 dollars. I immediately started reciting Romeo's speech to Juliet in the balcony scene.
"But soft! What light through yonder website breaks? It is the east, and these cheap creepers are the sun!"

Needless to say, I bought them. However, they had this ugly black-and-white gingham print on them, which I decided I would paint over. So I mixed some paint with fabric medium, just in case, and I painted my own little leopard spots all over these bad boys. 

And now they're mine! Leopard print creepers for under 20 bucks! Ta-dah!

Also, do you like this pose? I call it "giraffe with a case of whiplash". It's pretty cute, right? I swear, I took these in less than ten minutes and a good half of them turned out completely awkward and horrible. The kind of pictures where you look at your camera screen and think to yourself, "Am I really this weird-looking and disproportionate?"

No, not usually. But in pictures... almost always.

And on that note, I'm gonna let you go. Have a lovely week and I'll try to meet up with you again sometime soon if I'm wearing anything remotely interesting. Ha!

Eat your heart out, Mr. Cobain.


  1. I am in utter shock - under 20 dollars? Very very impressive. What dodgy website may this have been?

  2. Your creepers are awesome. That's so cool how you made them your own!

  3. I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the creepers in this post! <3

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  4. Under 20 dollars? NICE, you did a superb job on these. Shit.. I paid almost $200 for my creepers :( but they are triple sole and totally amazing.. and then when I received them and they were a little too big. I almost cried. Oh well, hopefully some insoles will fix that problem.

    1. Same issue with mine! I still can't figure out the whole men's sizes+british sizes thing... so my heels slip out of them a bit and they kinda pinch my toes! Usually a pair of thick socks fixes the problem.

  5. That's awesome how you painted them yourself - they look good!

    Laila x

  6. Ahhhh, I love your t-shirt! LOOOOVE it :)