Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's a D-I-Y kind of D-A-Y

I was planning on breakin' my "pajamas-and-no-makeup-because-it's-spring-break-and-i-do-what-i-want" phase by showing you all the DIY's I've done thus far.
                                                Yeahhhhhhhhhh, that didn't happen. 

Too many papers to write and presents to wrap and trips to plan and... I'm not going to make all those excuses though because I don't want to be that guy. Oh, hell, I AM that guy. Always. Procrastinating and makin' excuses for said procrastinating, that's life with Sarah.


Here's me. Two out of three things I'm wearing in this picture are made by me (Okay okay the shorts were originally from the thrift shop but I RIPPED EM GODDAMMIT). I actually cut and painted that racerback tank top with the & symbol when I was feeling all inspired today. Made it out of an old white tee shirt, yeahhh!

Here's another picture of me being all faux-upset and thoughtful. LOL I tried to take a couple with smiles but I think I had spinach in my teeth or something. Whoops, something I should probably look at before I decide to post pictures of myself on the internet.

These were the shoes I was wearing. Not DIY'd. I was gonna show my painted leopard-print creepers but I'll save those for another day with less exciting clothingz to show you all. (Either way, I'm so in love with these velvet platforms. Bought 'em for 20 bucks on sale at Urban Outfitters. You'll soon learn I RARELY EVER spend more than 20 dollars on anything)

I was actually wearing my DIY "tattoo tights" today, getting many a stare from mother and father alike.

What my parents said when they first saw the back of my left leg:
"... That's not real. That's not real."
"Oh god, please tell me that's not real."

Ughhhhhh my parents don't understaaaand meeeee. :'( :'( :'(

The tattoo is a concrete poem from Dylan Thomas, my grandfather's favorite poet. 
You probably can't read it, unfortunately :( If you want to know what it says, let me know in the comments and I'll put up the poem. But I'mma keep this short and sweet.

The best part of these tights is that I can trick people into thinking I'm a really cool person and artsy and badass.

When in reality I'm definitely kinda sort of a loser.

Also one thing I have to mention about these pictures is that they are definitely not the prettiest ones you'll ever see. I wanted this blog to be "super real honest totally 100% ME", so you get to see my room in all its "hit-by-a-tornado" glory. 

Yeah, I have a messy room. It's almost always like this. I can clean it every once and a while, vacuum the cat hair from the floors, but in about two days my room is covered in clothes and books and papers and zillions of plastic drink cups with flamingoes on them. (Yay, Florida!)


  1. My room is messy in about a day too. I just can't bring myself to hang clothes up after I've tried on about 20 different outfits.
    Ugh I realllllly like those tights!!! I would love to act like a badass with an awesome tattoo on my leg! How did you make them?!

    1. Exactly why my room is messy! I really need to start planning outfits, ugh!

      I used this tutorial on urban threads! basically you buy some nude tights, a fine point sharpie and thin posterboard, try on the tights, mark where you want the tattoo to be, print out your design and stick it to the posterboard, make the posterboard into a cylinder about the size of your leg, stick it in the tights, and trace, baby, trace!

      Here's the link:

  2. those tights are so cool, I feel like I'm going to use this tutorial and craft some of my own!