Monday, April 30, 2012

The Final Stretch

So I've been away for the weekend, everyone. 


C'mon. Guess. Oh, you want a clue? Well, okay.

There's your clue. Good luck.

Anyways, this place happens to be where I got this stretchy lace dress...
From a Buffalo Exchange, no less! They don't have them where I live :(
Needless to say, I went a bit wild.

On another, more depressing note, it's finals week. I mean, it's a good thing because summer break is SO CLOSE SO CLOSE SO CLOSE, but I really dislike studying.

It's not even that studying annoys me all that much, I just hate feeling guilty the night before the test.

...AKA, tonight.

Me: "Hmm... I'm gonna take a break now and, I don't know, go on my blog or something because I'm so internet-famous."

Responsible Me: "Sarah what are you doing you freaking idiot you have a math final tomorrow and if you don't pass you aren't going to do well in the class 'cause it's 25 percent of your grade blah blah blah blah blah."

What I'm wearing: flea market girl gang jacket, lace dress from Buffalo Exchange, mystery socks, Predictions saddle shoes, thrifted belt, thrifted scarf, UO sunglasses.

Even so, the prospect of summer doesn't really excite me anymore.

I just think "Oh, cool, more time to work."
Remember when summer vacation was the best time of the year?
Now it's just kind of one less thing I have to do.

Which is nice... but... I just wanna sit around the house and play Animal Crossing.

Is that such a crime?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pattern-Mixing for Dummies

Okay, kids.

I know you've been waiting and waiting to hear from me, so let out those held breaths because...

And I come bearing a very short and to the point two-step guide to mixing patterns:

1. Moderation is key, young'uns.
2. JUST DO IT. Nothing even matters.

I decided to mix tiny flowers with tiny-ish polka dots.
And maybe it worked.
Who can tell for sure? Isn't that the greatest thing about fashion?


One could also say that the patterns chosen were inspired by The Endless Summer (see my last post)

Summery summer summer!
I wish I lived in a place where we actually have seasons.
Every freaking day is summer here, but that doesn't stop me from romanticizing it. 

ALSO! I have an announcement for you all. I'm considering pursuing a career in film.
That's frightening to type.
Extremely frightening.
Imagine how terrifying it is to look at film schools...

Especially as an upper middle-class white girl with a relatively high GPA.
No scholarships there, that's for sure.

I'll just have the student loan sharks tattoo dollar signs on my forehead.
Maybe that's what this outfit reminds me of. Maybe.

 What I'm wearing: flea market/DIY jacket, Full tilt bralette, Urban Outfitters velvet platforms, thrifted skirt.

On a final note, can we talk about how amazing this song is? I feel like I can put any Broken Social Scene album on shuffle and find one freaking hidden gem after another.

It's All Gonna Break by Broken Social Scene

Have a grand ole week...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Perfect Wave

Last night (when I should have been sleeping, whoops), I saw the classic surf doc by Bruce Brown: 
The Endless Summer

I watched it on TCM, which has been my late-night best friend since early '09.
Unfortunately, my best BEST friend, Robert Osborne, was on vacation :(

Look at him. He's a wonderful human being. 

Anyways, this movie was actually pretty awesome and totally amped up my summer aesthetic:

The entire film was shot on 16 mm film, in the absolutely gorgeous Technicolor.
(Am I the only one who prefers Technicolor to HD? Oh, the nostalgic youth.)

 There was a kind of awesome "vacation-slide-show" feel to the movie, since the narrator of the doc was friends with the two stars, Robert August and Michael Hynson. Along with the narrator's wise-cracking nature, the movie followed these two surfers from Hawaii, to California, to Africa, to Australia, to New Zealand... all in the search of the "perfect wave" and the season of summer.

What I really enjoyed were the little reminders that, yes, this WAS filmed in the 60s. The joking about a dollar per gallon of gas being a rip-off, the ridiculously revealing (now considered normal) bikinis of Australian girls, the expensive hotel room at 30 dollars a night... it went on and on.

This movie made me want to surf, even though I have a HUGE fear of the ocean. So I resolved to be involved in more water-sports (tubing, water-skiing, etc) when I go to Keuka Lake this summer.

SO excited for that now! Off to go find a good Hawaiian shirt.

So watch The Endless Summer if you're longing for summer and love the 60s aesthetic.

Outfit post set for Friday, perhaps, if I'm not a lazy bum.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Love Song of the Chameleon

What I'm wearing: F21 lace dress, thrifted belt, Fulltilt jacket, Charlotte Russe boots, Charade leggings

Why hello there, my fine feathered friends. 

I'm posting again on a Monday (why is my behavior so predictable?!) 
And I think after describing this outfit I might go into a small rant... so, you know, take a potty break, grab a water bottle, curl up into a ball, prepare yourself.

Nahhh, I promise it'll be painless. Something I've just been thinking about recently.

To leave you hanging a bit (like you can't just scroll a bit down the page, ha!) I'm going to describe what has adorned my body today.

I have been listening to The Cure and The Cocteau Twins a lot recently, and I think this outfit reflects that.

Plus I'm all angsty and moody from all this freaking end-of-semester homework.
SO obviously when I saw this lacy dress in my closet I knew I had to wear my skellie leggings.

I haven't worn them yet, since I bought them at The Junkman's Daughter in Athens, GA.

(By the way, if you haven't been there, GO, it's such a fantastic place.)

So enough of that, here comes the rant. Ready?

I've been thinking a lot about the fact that I don't have much of a "viewpoint" in a lot of things.
Most people seem to think artists need a direct sense of taste to produce good art.

I do so many things, though! I make music, collages, clothes, short stories, spoken word poems, screenplays, and soon, films! (more on that later, though)

I don't know how I can have such a concrete point of view when I'm changing so often.
Seriously. The things I like change so often I'm left in a whirlwind. 

I also never use those security questions that say things like "what's your favorite book?"
Because it changes. Like once a week.

I'm wondering if that's normal, if it's normal to change so often.
Sometimes it leaves me without a "sense of self" but staying the same seems so...


Can't I just be my own silly self?

Maybe people won't seem to recognize my work, but as long as it's good work... right?

Word to your mother,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Floodlights in the Sunlight

What I'm wearing: thrifted chambray shirt, flea market/DIY denim jacket, F21 leather pants, Urban Outfitters velvet platforms, glasses from random 50s shop in Orlando.

This is obviously my "Hey guise, what's up?" face. So... hey guise, what's up?

I'm honestly pretty impressed with  myself, posting twice within a week. How devoted of me!

              Anyways, this is what I dressed up in today, complete with these crazy high-waisted leather pedal pushers that I found in the back of my hellhole--I mean closet--and when I tried them on I freaked out a bit. WHY hadn't I worn these? They were perfect and biker-ish and the high waist was perfect... 

And then I realized it was almost 90 degrees outside.

              And my legs have never been sweatier. So once I got home (after taking these pictures for posterity, of COURSE) I took 'em off and replaced them with pajama pants. But in a little bit I have to hurry off to my night class (LAME!) so I just replaced the leather pants with a black skirt. Still looks okay, but not quite my original intentions!

Oh! And I got my nails done yesterday, for the first time in a year, it seems like!

Forest green toenails? Hey, why not.

And I also promised you a playlist, didn't I? Well, well, you're in luck.

Because here it is!


Andrew in Drag by The Magnetic Fields

Hold On by The Alabama Shakes

Strangers by Young Man

Eyeoneye by Andrew Bird

Kites by Geographer

Shannon by Margot & The Nuclear So and So's

How Come Nao by Bensh

Marathon Runner by Yellow Ostrich

Funny Girl by pacificUV

Wishing Well by Cheyenne Marie Mize

Brothers by Tanlines

Runaway by Imperial Teen

Just in case you didn't know, I lurve you infinitely.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monochrome Babe

What I'm wearing: thrifted top, Forever 21 skirt (that I might wear too much... *shrug*), thrifted sweater, American Apparel thigh-highs, Predictions saddle shoes.

Happy Monday (yet again)! I'm starting to think that I should start doing weekly outfit posts on Mondays, especially since the last time I posted was on a Monday. Basically I'm just too sleepy the other days of the week to put together interesting outfits:

Monday: "Whee! I went thrifting over the weekend and I wanna wear all my new clothes and look super-cute!" (why am I so perky on mondays I annoy everyone...)
Tuesday: "Ehh... I look all right I guess. Uninspired."
Wednesday: "This is uncomfortable. I can't wait to go home and get into my PJ's..."
Thursday: "Zzz... I should probably put clothes on, huh?"
Friday: "I can't adventure in cute clothes! What if I get dirty? Tee shirt, check. Shorts, check. Combat boots, check. Done."

Oh, and by the way, I don't have classes on Friday, so that's usually my only day off of the week (part-time job, holla!). Alejandro and I usually go adventuring at parks and things that day, so I slum it big time. Sometimes you just gotta be practical, ya know?

The Peter Pan collar top was from a thrift store in Naples (Florida, not Italy... unfortunately). I was there all last weekend visiting the grandparents.

I got a horrid sunburn on my belly from sitting in the sun, trying desperately to even out my tan (I've got a serious case of tee-shirt and shorts tan, thanks constant Florida sun), but that was not the highlight of my trip. Oh, no.

I thrifted on Saturday for about three hours straight--by myself, I might add. Nobody else who was at the house that weekend appreciates a good thrifting opportunity. My mom is convinced that thrift shops are smelly.

Anyways, I burned rubber in my mom's (frighteningly large) minivan, which I'm not used to driving, navigating with directions on a post-it note in a town I had never driven in before. Needless to say, I got a little lost.

After a bit of scary driving, I finally found the first thrift store. Naples, being the home of multitudes of rich elderly folk, was quite a treasure trove for used clothing. Pro thrifting tip: never go into places that look like boutiques if you want the real--cheap!--experience. There usually are a lot of nice things in the boutiques... and you'll most likely spend far too much money for something you could have thrifted yourself, through lots of fun digging through racks upon racks of secondhand gems!

Anyways, the first place I went to had that kind of "boutique" atmosphere, frequented by a lot of rich old women who apparently loved giving dirty looks to youngsters in mullet hem skirts and studded neon bags. I wouldn't have stayed there if there wasn't a "half off almost everything" kind of sale going on. I bought a pare of Acne-looking boots and high-tailed it out of there.

I scurried, breathless, off to Goodwill, where low prices are practically part of their mission statement. Right? Wrong. Almost everything I found was 8 to 10 bucks, but their merchandise was relatively good. There was a huuuuuge amount of shoes though. Naples is FANTASTIC when it comes to shoes. I don't know why. Also, their jeans? Holy crap. I found pairs of Rock & Republic, 7even Jeans, True Religion, Joe's, and 7 For All Mankind. Like seriously. Nine dollars each.

Unfortunately I didn't fit into any of them. (CURSE YOU CHILD-BEARING PELVIS)

Even so, I found a lot of good stuff there, this top being one of them. I love it, besides the stiffness of the fabric, hence the awkward torso-ruffle going on. Oy. Sometimes ya just can't win.


They're wonderful. I love them. The end.

So that was my fun weekend, I'll try to post again some time this week. Here's this song by Shearwater that I've been listening to almost nonstop this week, I'll make a playlist soon I believe. So much new stufffffff!

You As You Were- Shearwater