Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Floodlights in the Sunlight

What I'm wearing: thrifted chambray shirt, flea market/DIY denim jacket, F21 leather pants, Urban Outfitters velvet platforms, glasses from random 50s shop in Orlando.

This is obviously my "Hey guise, what's up?" face. So... hey guise, what's up?

I'm honestly pretty impressed with  myself, posting twice within a week. How devoted of me!

              Anyways, this is what I dressed up in today, complete with these crazy high-waisted leather pedal pushers that I found in the back of my hellhole--I mean closet--and when I tried them on I freaked out a bit. WHY hadn't I worn these? They were perfect and biker-ish and the high waist was perfect... 

And then I realized it was almost 90 degrees outside.

              And my legs have never been sweatier. So once I got home (after taking these pictures for posterity, of COURSE) I took 'em off and replaced them with pajama pants. But in a little bit I have to hurry off to my night class (LAME!) so I just replaced the leather pants with a black skirt. Still looks okay, but not quite my original intentions!

Oh! And I got my nails done yesterday, for the first time in a year, it seems like!

Forest green toenails? Hey, why not.

And I also promised you a playlist, didn't I? Well, well, you're in luck.

Because here it is!


Andrew in Drag by The Magnetic Fields

Hold On by The Alabama Shakes

Strangers by Young Man

Eyeoneye by Andrew Bird

Kites by Geographer

Shannon by Margot & The Nuclear So and So's

How Come Nao by Bensh

Marathon Runner by Yellow Ostrich

Funny Girl by pacificUV

Wishing Well by Cheyenne Marie Mize

Brothers by Tanlines

Runaway by Imperial Teen

Just in case you didn't know, I lurve you infinitely.


  1. Toe-nails are actually super-awesome.

    And yeah, those trousers (wooops pants, you know what I mean) so look pretty, erm, sweaty. Also pretty cool though!

    Glasses + you hair = amazing though.

    Yep, erm, amazing? Sorry, comments are always super inane. :D

    1. Haha it's okay, and thank you! :) Yeah seriously I don't know why I've been so monochrome lately, colors look so cool with my hair color! Eh, I guess once a storm cloud, always a storm cloud.

  2. Such a great look - I adore the red glasses!

  3. ah those pants are awesome!! and your glasses too! looove. weather always gets in the way of a good outfit :(

  4. Hahhaha ! I've only wore once leather pants and I end up tearing them. I was so hot inside you could boil an egg on my ass XD (part of a complete and balanced breakfast)

  5. This outfit looks amazing! I love those pants and your red glasses are gorgeous.


  6. Amazing outfit and photos! I love it :)

  7. I love your wee studded jacket! And also Alabama Shakes, amazing right?!

    Kirsty, :) x

    1. Alabama Shakes, just so phenomenal!

  8. holy sheeesh, I love your style!! those pants + your shoes and collared shirt are perfection.

  9. I love your glasses so much!They remind me of the ones Connie Marbles wears in Pink Flamingos

    1. That is one of the best compliments I've ever received.

  10. love your outfit..high praise for your glasses!!!

  11. Really nice outfit! I like your denim jacket and your shoes ♥

    I have a new giveaway on my blog. I changed it a little bit so it will be really easy to take part. There will be 11 lucky winners.

    I would be happy if you join :)

  12. Lovely blog.

  13. Love your pants! They look especially awesome with those shoes.


  14. Those shoes are fab! Also yay for magnetic fields <3

    Laila x