Monday, April 16, 2012

Love Song of the Chameleon

What I'm wearing: F21 lace dress, thrifted belt, Fulltilt jacket, Charlotte Russe boots, Charade leggings

Why hello there, my fine feathered friends. 

I'm posting again on a Monday (why is my behavior so predictable?!) 
And I think after describing this outfit I might go into a small rant... so, you know, take a potty break, grab a water bottle, curl up into a ball, prepare yourself.

Nahhh, I promise it'll be painless. Something I've just been thinking about recently.

To leave you hanging a bit (like you can't just scroll a bit down the page, ha!) I'm going to describe what has adorned my body today.

I have been listening to The Cure and The Cocteau Twins a lot recently, and I think this outfit reflects that.

Plus I'm all angsty and moody from all this freaking end-of-semester homework.
SO obviously when I saw this lacy dress in my closet I knew I had to wear my skellie leggings.

I haven't worn them yet, since I bought them at The Junkman's Daughter in Athens, GA.

(By the way, if you haven't been there, GO, it's such a fantastic place.)

So enough of that, here comes the rant. Ready?

I've been thinking a lot about the fact that I don't have much of a "viewpoint" in a lot of things.
Most people seem to think artists need a direct sense of taste to produce good art.

I do so many things, though! I make music, collages, clothes, short stories, spoken word poems, screenplays, and soon, films! (more on that later, though)

I don't know how I can have such a concrete point of view when I'm changing so often.
Seriously. The things I like change so often I'm left in a whirlwind. 

I also never use those security questions that say things like "what's your favorite book?"
Because it changes. Like once a week.

I'm wondering if that's normal, if it's normal to change so often.
Sometimes it leaves me without a "sense of self" but staying the same seems so...


Can't I just be my own silly self?

Maybe people won't seem to recognize my work, but as long as it's good work... right?

Word to your mother,


  1. The dress and leggings combo? Brilliant.
    And, yes, I am the exact same, if it's any consolation. Starting a blog actually felt like a big gamble - in my mind, I was thinking, surely I'll be over this fashion thing in another few months?
    I've gone through all sorts of stages in adolescence, however, it all combines to make me who I am now - which is possibly a hodge podge of interests and full of contradictions, but we'd all be boring otherwise!

    1. Yeah and I feel like since we're "the internet generation" that our parents are complaining about, I get so much inspiration from everything awesome and everything not-so-awesome I see on blogs, tumblr, pinterest, and such. Sometimes I think I'm like the internet itself, constantly changing and renewing itself every second. Kind of awesome, but also really frustrating.

  2. I have a similar dress from Zara. You looks great on it.

  3. First- wonderful outfit, it's so cute with the leggings. Second- I'm going literally crazy over my homework for Uni, it really disturbs my mojo.
    Third...I think it's great you are changing. That way you will soon reach the point of content that many of us desire. Changing your taste is good, being narrow minded and only liking one thing is boring and unproductive.

  4. I love your leather vest, its so dang cute girl. And I like how you made this cool look super girly with a nice little dress :) Such good stylin' going on here ;)

  5. Love the dress! & the leggings are awesome! Following x


  6. first, that outfit is so great! I want some skeleton leggings so much! second, I luuuve the cure, so much, and that you listen to them and wear angsty skeleton leggins only makes me love your blog more!
    third, college is killing me too! yay!
    and lastly, I though I was the only one who was all weird and can't focus on one of the billion things she likes. But I'm not! Yes!

  7. those tights are so cool! love them, so unique!

  8. I really love your leggings! Good luck with all you school work, and don't ever stop being yourself. :-)

  9. I think technology and what we have access to today means that our ideas can change much more quickly than they used to. There's so much more out there for us to think of and it's difficult to just have one concrete viewpoint, as you said. Awesome outfit btw.

  10. Love your jacket! That two-toned transition is perfect for spring's super temperamental weather...great find!

    I’m hosting 5 days of GIVEAWAYS in honor of my blog’s 2yr anniversary…would love for you to stop by and check it out!

    Peace. Love. LOL!