Monday, April 23, 2012

Pattern-Mixing for Dummies

Okay, kids.

I know you've been waiting and waiting to hear from me, so let out those held breaths because...

And I come bearing a very short and to the point two-step guide to mixing patterns:

1. Moderation is key, young'uns.
2. JUST DO IT. Nothing even matters.

I decided to mix tiny flowers with tiny-ish polka dots.
And maybe it worked.
Who can tell for sure? Isn't that the greatest thing about fashion?


One could also say that the patterns chosen were inspired by The Endless Summer (see my last post)

Summery summer summer!
I wish I lived in a place where we actually have seasons.
Every freaking day is summer here, but that doesn't stop me from romanticizing it. 

ALSO! I have an announcement for you all. I'm considering pursuing a career in film.
That's frightening to type.
Extremely frightening.
Imagine how terrifying it is to look at film schools...

Especially as an upper middle-class white girl with a relatively high GPA.
No scholarships there, that's for sure.

I'll just have the student loan sharks tattoo dollar signs on my forehead.
Maybe that's what this outfit reminds me of. Maybe.

 What I'm wearing: flea market/DIY jacket, Full tilt bralette, Urban Outfitters velvet platforms, thrifted skirt.

On a final note, can we talk about how amazing this song is? I feel like I can put any Broken Social Scene album on shuffle and find one freaking hidden gem after another.

It's All Gonna Break by Broken Social Scene

Have a grand ole week...


  1. pattern mixing is one of my favorite past times! I'm considering an outfit consisting of plaid, lace, and chambray with rose print on it... what could go wrong!

  2. This would be a perfect outfit for festivals like Coachella! The patterns combine so well together!
    Oh, and there is a Fashionology give-away on my blog, maybe you'd like to enter?

    Anne from WOLF359

  3. Hahahha, I like your concept that "Nothing matters" :D Also, I say go for it. Pursue any dream you want, we have so little time on Earth we might as well do something :D
    Alsoooo... cutest outfit ever !!! I really like short, sexy tops mixed with longer clothing. It looks sluttish, but not really :D

  4. I loveee mixing patterns, this is excellent! Also love the velvet platforms, yum!

    Laila x

  5. This reminds me of the Prada ss12 collection!
    My pattern mixing formula is basically;
    neon+lurex+pink+blue+spots+florals+stripes= AESTHETIC PERFECTION.
    Yep. totally.
    Flower xxx

  6. so wonderful!

  7. it's so inconceivable to me that people could have summer EVERY SINGLE DAY. We literally have about 3 days of summer in's on the increase though, WOOOOOO GLOBAL WARMING WOOOOOO!! Great outfit, really diggin' the polka dots! and the shoes :D <3

  8. good luck for your school! studying film is interesting. and it wouldn't be boring.
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