Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Perfect Wave

Last night (when I should have been sleeping, whoops), I saw the classic surf doc by Bruce Brown: 
The Endless Summer

I watched it on TCM, which has been my late-night best friend since early '09.
Unfortunately, my best BEST friend, Robert Osborne, was on vacation :(

Look at him. He's a wonderful human being. 

Anyways, this movie was actually pretty awesome and totally amped up my summer aesthetic:

The entire film was shot on 16 mm film, in the absolutely gorgeous Technicolor.
(Am I the only one who prefers Technicolor to HD? Oh, the nostalgic youth.)

 There was a kind of awesome "vacation-slide-show" feel to the movie, since the narrator of the doc was friends with the two stars, Robert August and Michael Hynson. Along with the narrator's wise-cracking nature, the movie followed these two surfers from Hawaii, to California, to Africa, to Australia, to New Zealand... all in the search of the "perfect wave" and the season of summer.

What I really enjoyed were the little reminders that, yes, this WAS filmed in the 60s. The joking about a dollar per gallon of gas being a rip-off, the ridiculously revealing (now considered normal) bikinis of Australian girls, the expensive hotel room at 30 dollars a night... it went on and on.

This movie made me want to surf, even though I have a HUGE fear of the ocean. So I resolved to be involved in more water-sports (tubing, water-skiing, etc) when I go to Keuka Lake this summer.

SO excited for that now! Off to go find a good Hawaiian shirt.

So watch The Endless Summer if you're longing for summer and love the 60s aesthetic.

Outfit post set for Friday, perhaps, if I'm not a lazy bum.


  1. Agree on everything. I love those old movies with the weird fashion sense and technicolor. I think these times were much simpler than ours. Wonderful post ^_^

    1. So true, everything just seems so EASY. Like they go to a poor fishing town in rural Africa (somewhere in the west, can't think of exactly where) and instead of talking about how hungry they look and all that, they teach the little kids how to surf and joke about the chief wanting to steal their boards. Maybe it's just the fact that they're devil-may-care surfers, but... oh I was just born past my time, that's all.

  2. I am having a major I HAVE SEEN NO MOVIES IN MY LIFE I AM GOING TO BE DEAD SOON AND I HAVENT LIVED ETC ETC ETC moment and this is going on my (very long) list of movies that I need to see. I blame it on the fact I spent my entire childhood reading in my room with a bunch of stuffed toys.
    I just made myself sound so mature and cool.

    1. Don't worry, dude, I had the exact same childhood. All I did was read Young Adult fiction in my closet full of Beanie Babies. And I also have the same long list of movies, my Netflix queue has over 100 movies on it. Procrastinator, ahoy!

  3. The movie sounds kind of funny haha, I actually freaking hate summer though.. so, I don't know.

  4. This movie looks fun! I can't wait to see your outfit interpretation!

  5. You are definitely not the only one who prefers Technicolor. That movie sounds good. It sounds like it had the same effect on you as Footloose (the original) had on me. I seriously wanted to be a dancer for about three hours