Monday, April 30, 2012

The Final Stretch

So I've been away for the weekend, everyone. 


C'mon. Guess. Oh, you want a clue? Well, okay.

There's your clue. Good luck.

Anyways, this place happens to be where I got this stretchy lace dress...
From a Buffalo Exchange, no less! They don't have them where I live :(
Needless to say, I went a bit wild.

On another, more depressing note, it's finals week. I mean, it's a good thing because summer break is SO CLOSE SO CLOSE SO CLOSE, but I really dislike studying.

It's not even that studying annoys me all that much, I just hate feeling guilty the night before the test.

...AKA, tonight.

Me: "Hmm... I'm gonna take a break now and, I don't know, go on my blog or something because I'm so internet-famous."

Responsible Me: "Sarah what are you doing you freaking idiot you have a math final tomorrow and if you don't pass you aren't going to do well in the class 'cause it's 25 percent of your grade blah blah blah blah blah."

What I'm wearing: flea market girl gang jacket, lace dress from Buffalo Exchange, mystery socks, Predictions saddle shoes, thrifted belt, thrifted scarf, UO sunglasses.

Even so, the prospect of summer doesn't really excite me anymore.

I just think "Oh, cool, more time to work."
Remember when summer vacation was the best time of the year?
Now it's just kind of one less thing I have to do.

Which is nice... but... I just wanna sit around the house and play Animal Crossing.

Is that such a crime?


  1. You have such gorgeous photos! And I like your shoes a lot! :)

  2. Cool blog!! and nice outfit....please read my blog and give me your opinion

  3. I love the contrast between the sweet lace dress and the denim jacket !
    Please, check out my blog and tell me what you think :

  4. Hahah, same here with my finals. I've been laying on my ass for too long. The simple thought of opening a textbook disturbs and disgusts me. About summer thought, my summers were usually very boring.Come to think of it, I've never had a summer that was exciting, same shit just hot as hell! :D Wonderful outfit, the shoes are prettyyyy ^_^

  5. pool! I love pools! I dig this outfit, as well (it may even measure up to how much I'm digging that pool).

    1. I love my pool too! The chlorine in it doesn't love my blonde hair though, and I don't love swim caps or having to rinse it. But I should throw a blogger pool party! Everyone come on down! Afterwards we can go to Disney World! Hahaha

  6. Hi!
    I just founded the link of your blog in RookieMag, I love your outfits, I'm following you!


  7. now that i am out and about in the "real" world, i miss studying, desperately....

  8. I'm pretty sure your clue was meant as a joke. . . but it's literally killing me. Is it bad that I can't even tell what's actually on the table, let alone where it comes from? :P

  9. Denim and lace make such a great combination! You look amazing =) X

  10. cute dress, these pictures are really fun too!


  11. Greate jacket! invite to me and maybe we follow each other?:)

  12. you're so cute!

  13. This is such a quirky outfit that I love it! That gang girl jacket is to die for. I've been looking for one myself but I haven't found one yet :( But nonetheless, this is such a fun outfit! :)

  14. nice outfit really like the saddle shoes !!

  15. I love those saddle shoes. I wish I could find a pair, they are sooo cute.